Mikes Electric Stuff  focus on vacuum tubes and glassware but there is a stuff in the HV, Tesla, laser and electronic line.

Powerlabs Variety of HV, pulse power, laser, liquid nitrogen, chemistry and pyrotechnic stuff.  

Bill Beaty's site  diverse articles and links about a variety of science stuff including Tesla,  but often fringe science scope.

Teslamania of Bert Hickman. Lots of details and examples. 

Dr Antonio C M de Queiroz The definitive electrostatic site

Greg's Garage Tesla site Pictures and schematics are clear and extensive.  Not a bad place for beginners to start with.

Paul Nylands "Bugman" A diverse and extensive site with some TC, HV, Laser, ferrofluids and bugs. 

Richie Burnett This is the technical site that people refer to to explain stuff about TC's.

Stevehv   Steve Wards main site. With his pioneering DRSSTC stuff (12 foot sparks). 

Deepfriedneon this  page has nice simple beginners Tesla stuff with good explanations and graphics. 


Extremeelectronics  Technical. Lots of interesting stuff from the Nottingham Teslathon.

Scopeboy Steve Connor's site from the UK. Lots of solid state Tesla coiling with detailed technical info. 


Bart Anderson this site has lots of great info on making coils. The JavaTC V11.6 is THE best TC simulation program.

Greg Peters (PageRank 0) *** An Aussie site a few years old now but with 12 foot
sparks from 9kVA  spark gap coil. Shows a secondary winding burning up.  121 cap MMC and 240V pole pig.  Neat control box setup. Pics are limited.

Jim Lux (PageRank 5) *** Jim is someone who "knows" HV (unlike mere mortals like myself) . Sadly his HV text didn't get finished but what is there is very interesting stuff and worth a look.  Not a lot of Tesla stuff.  Interesting tornado special effects from his day job.

HVguy.com (PageRank 0) **** Aaron and Justins big site is mostly down having a refit with only a few pics available. Look out for it when it returns though. Some nice Tesla, HV and Laser stuff. 15 foot sparks from their TC.

Jochen's High voltage page  This is mostly a HV site with some practical stuff about flybacks and ignition coils

Mike Strube (PageRank 0) *** A MOT powered coil with 40 shots of sparks and streamers. Reasonable contruction detail.

Peter Reid   Another Aussie coiler who has a 10kVA 8-MOT supply and claims 4m (12 foot) sparks .

Thedatastream  a UK site with useful SSTC and GDT info.

Area31  (PageRank 2) *** Robert W. Stephens' commercial maker of Tesla coils and other H.V. museum/educational display devices.  Some nicely performing twin coils.  Uses creepage discs on some of his coils. Has a construction gantry to assemble his big coils.  Not much construction detail and not active since 1999.

RSCoppersmith Scott's older site on Hot-Streamer.com with his various coil details. 

Matthias Kallenberger  A startup site in German but has the most amazing homemade HV transformers up to 400 kV used for Jacobs ladders. Serious stuff firing this in a basement.  Also a 3 phase Jacobs ladder and some Tesla stuff.

Scott Bogard A has a 4 MOT coil and a few other projects including a plasma ball.  Also plays a restored trumpet to his Venus flytrap...


Rayer (PageRank 3) ***  A Czech site in English with Various spark gap TC's, VTTC's and SSTC's


John Dyer  (Google PageRank 3) **  Some reasonable spark pictures and coil details.




Omegalabs (PageRank 1) ** Some Tesla coils and coilguns in this Hungarian (?) site.  Also some pulse cap experiments and sodium generation.



Henning Umland (PageRank 3) *** Some excellent stuff on CW multipliers for x-ray stuff.  In English


Jeff Beharry's Turn of the Century  Electrotherapy Museum (PageRank 5) ***** The definitive historical HV and Tesla site. Spend a few minutes/days/years browsing the 45,000 files there. Lots of pics videos and construction of all sorts of historical stuff.




Commercial HV sites

Resonance research (PageRank 5) *** D C Cox's company that provides a variety of Tesla coils and other equipment particularly for science museum's.

kVA Effects (PageRank 5) *** Jeff Parisse's company that provides Tesla and HV effects. Lots of dramatic shows and stunts with examples of various media performances.  Bill Wysock is in this group. Has just had coils featured on Broadway in Young Frankenstein. Look out for the huge twin Tesla coils at the Beijing Olympics.

MGVolt professional TC shows in Thailand with shots of impressively performing coils.

Lighning on demand - Greg Leyh *** (PageRank 5) Built the Electrum and given $6 million or so will build the worlds biggest by far 122 feet tall running 8 MW. Recently did a small scale 1:10 solid state version.

 HVFX  A top UK commercial site with a variety of Tesla effects and dramatic stunts.
Zeusaphone (PageRank 0) * Steve Wards coming commercialization of the hugely successful "Singing Tesla coil at Duckon". Steve is one of the solid state pioneers with the DRSSTC. Go to Stevehv for the main site. See the video from Discovery Channel, Daily Planet here.

Teslacoil.net (PageRank 3) **** A US commercial site with a variety of Tesla coils for sale including DRSSTC's.


Tesla Memorial Society of New York  (PageRank 6)  *** A large active esla related group from New York. Sign the petition to get a Tesla St in Las Vegas! Now running for 28 years it has a lot of Tesla information but nothing on Telsa coiling and does contain some perpetuated inaccuracies.  790,000 visits

Tesla Forum of Western Australia(PageRank 5)  *** A large and active Aussie group promoting Tesla's legacy.  Managed to be under my radar in my home state despite me knowing the chairman.   Did a lot for Tesla's 150th with a convention with international speakers, the Tesla Play with Frank Tabbita, bust of Tesla and academic Tesla medals. One of the more active Tesla groups worldwide.

Tesla museum  Belgrade (PageRank 5) *** Visited Perth Western Australia 2006